Project #ReviveK33N Update #1

This project in a nutshell is a full rewrite of server code and overall Role Play experience!

Caliber has made many changes that will improve the way you play on the server! Check out some of the pictures below

As well as Realistic ammo for the inventory (video below)

Crafting Menu

Some other things have been fixed as well on the server. For example, when cars are fixed they will unlock now… and send you a text message when fixed (picture below)

Other things on the server being worked on are vehicles

We will have a new skins on the cop cars as well as new cars in the dealerships (hopefully) as well Blackstone as fixed the headlights on the cop cars… now we can catch you 😉

There has been a lot of changes that are just too many to post.. but to join project #revivek33n is still open please just message Richard (TheShiper) on K33N Discord servers to be set up 🙂

Stay tuned and we have many more changes coming out this weekend and I will post an update at the end of Monday

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