K33NRP Revive Update #2

Been a busy few days here, We have added the following updates

  • Moved Vehicle Shop back to PDM
  • Imports are at PDM as well
  • moved job center to life invader building postal 7178
  • New Spawn Points (Los Santos Bus Terminal, Los Santos Downtown Train Station, paleto bay Bus Stop and kept Spawn “Last Position”)
  • Reopened Los Santos Customs to all Players and removed car armor from the menu
  • Changed Marker icon to “Repair” for the mechanic shops
  • Changed Gun Shops to “AmmuNation” icon from Shop Icon
  • Added New Inventory System!!!
  • Added Stress to the system… Water adds stress (2 bottles), the bread will decrease.
  • Possible fix in search for police and steel for civs.
    -Police handcuff suspect then search.
    -civs walk up to a person they do (/e handsup) & you type in (/steal) and inventory will pop-up
Custom Mods
Custom Interiors
New Gun Store icons

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