So I guess to start this we are going to talk about the name it’s not “Shinp-er” it is “Ship-er” yes TheShiper… A long long time ago when I first started gaming TheShipper was taking so I did what any 10 year old would do then… Spell it wrong and hope people would still say it the right way… All this time I still use this gamer tag so people know who came to help or destroy them 😉

As a father of 4, I am defiantly a Dad joke kinda guy. All my little ones are under 6 and never slow down… I live in Toronto, Canada. I grow every day as my kids do. They keep me going from the moment I get home to they go to bed. I don’t know how my wife does it all day.. I would have no hair or mind left. I don’t have much to hide and always open to questions.

I play a fair amount of games from GTA5 to Squad and Naval Action. You can find a full list of games HERE!

K33N Gaming Community (Pronounced: keen), is a Social Platform for Viewers, Gamers, Streamers, Developers, and Content Creators to connect and share their gaming content with one another. As a Community Manager with 3 others, We have our official servers that we play on and invite others to join. We are all friendly and involved in there and hope you can join us!

As on top everything else I own a Website and Game Server Hosting company. I enjoy hosting and think of it as a hobby. I’ve been hosting Game Servers, TeamSpeak 2 since 2010 and overtime have upgraded my skills and knowledge to host bigger and better things. I’ve been hosting privately for about the last 4 years and due to the requests and keeping track have now decided to make a website.