Now that you have gotten into the city, got a job, and made a little bit of money, you are going to want a place to call your own. For most places you will need to talk to a real estate broker. Bring lots of cash, and have an open mind.

However, there is always your FIRST place.

There are places that are owned by the state. Modest, but providing the essentials to get you off the street. Click the links below to find out more information about each.

  • The Pink Cage
  • Integrity (Coming soon?)
  • V Beach Side Apartments (Coming soon?)

Homes and Other Properties

There are many other homes that are managed by the State located throughout. These homes have convenient markers placed outside for you to purchase.

The San Andres Realtors Society will be happy to show your other, more luxurious, homes that are on the market. Look for an ad or reach out to a Real Estate Agent to schedule a showing.