As a new citizen of the beautiful state of San Andres, you will find that you are unemployed. But the state understands the plight of the masses. There are needs that the tax dollars from the citizens are able to help with. With this in mind, the state will provide you with a small sum of money to help you survive. It is not much, but it will get you a warm meal, and a drink.


Tired of being unemployed? Want to get off that state dole and make some money? Perhaps you want to buy a car? Maybe even a house? Or, why not, aim high and be your own boss and start your own business. Well, in order to do that, you are going to need a job.

Well, you are in luck! San Andres prides itself in having an open job market. When you arrived to the state, a resume was created and a list of jobs that you are qualified to work was created. A variety of jobs are provided for citizens to earn a honest living. Click on each job below to learn about it, and get some tips to help you do the job effectively.

When you are ready, head over to one of the states two fantastic job centers and get started on your dreams. There is one located in Downtown Los Santos and in the city of Paleto Bay for your convince. Both have the icon below on your GPS:

You can change these jobs any time by going back to a Job Center. The state wants her citizens to do the jobs that they want, when they feel like it. There are jobs besides these that require a real application as only the best of the best will be able to qualify and be accepted. For those jobs click here.