Meeting new people, lots of them, while driving around the city. Sound fun? Then the Los Santos Transit has a job for you!

Being a bus diver means you have a chance at variety. The LST offers THREE different routes to suit your desires. Once you accept the job at the job center look for our icon on your GPS.

Choose the job you want and head on over to get started!

Airport Shuttle. Taking new locals from the airport to the hotels they want to stay at, as well as taking some back to the airport. You get to be one of the warm, friendly, faces that these folks get to see when them come to our fair city.

Scenic Route. Longer route means more money per rider! Take locals around all points on the island. Enjoy the long drives, views, and relax at the wheel while the locals get to where they are going. Don’t forget to watch your fuel and fill up when you need to! Just remember that the fuel tank is on the drivers side about half way down the bus.

Metro Route. Utilizing the same Los Santos Transit bus as the scenic route, you can make your rounds around all the areas of industry throughout the city. Since this is designed to be shorter and for the local working class, the rates per rider are lower. Picking up those locals that are either environmentally conscious or just making it the best they can.

Once you get to one of our locations you can go to the vibrantly flagged spot to be given the right kind of bus for your route.

They ALL come pre-programmed with a route based on the needs of the locals. Meaning you can just focus on getting them where they are going safely.

Once you are on your route, look for the same, flashy, green icons over your stops. When you get there, stop all the way and let your riders off, and new ones on, collecting fares along the way.

When you have finished your route, and delivered your bus back to the location, we even pay you a bonus for completing the route. If you are rearing to head right back out, go for it!

Join the LST today and start seeing the sights, meeting locals, and earning your ‘fare’ share!

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