Want to see all the parts of the city? Even the parts that others might not pay attention to? How about making some money to do just that and help keep the city clean? Well, then the Garbage Collection job is for you!

Offering a decent rate, use of a company truck while on the clock, PLUS a bonus for each pick-up, this job will take you all around the city of Los Santos. After signing up at one of the job centers, head on over to the recycling center. You will find it already stored on your GPS!

Once you arrive, clock in at the top of the stairs and you will then be able to pull out one of the many trucks in our fleet.

Once you are in one of our state of the art trucks, a route will be loaded to your GPS. Taking you one stop at a time you can follow the on-board guidance from location to location.

At each location you will want to park your truck in a conveniently located spot near the bin that you will be cleaning out.

Then, empty the trash, and clean the bin. We provide a nice bonus after you empty each bin, because who does not like a little extra cash in their pocket?

Once you get done with each bin, you can continue along your route and make even more money. We pride ourselves letting you work on your OWN schedule. Did you get a route that is a bit too long for the time that you have? Head back and turn in the truck at any time!

Join us in keeping the city clean, and we will keep your pockets full!

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