The ocean is filled with many strange and wonderous things. One of the most profitiable things that it has in is are wrecks. Slip beneath the waves and salvage what you can from the bountiful sea.

The Del Perro Bait & Tackle is much more then a little bait store. We are also the premier ocean salvage company in the state of San Andres. Our prime location just south of Paleto Cave affords us, and you, easy ocean side access anywhere around the island.

Accept the opportunity to own the seas by selecting the salvage job at your nearest job center. We will quickly upload our location to your personal GPS. On your way out, pick up some air tanks at the mall, they will go a long way.

Walk up to the door and start your job as soon as you get here.

We will use advanced sea fitting technology to instantly fit and provide you with a wet suit, mask, and fins. Then, just a few steps away you can sign out one of our top of the line dinghy’s. These light, but quick vessels will get to where you need to go!

FROM HERE, The job is scuffed. A location no longer appears, you cannot turn your ship in. Saving as a draft and reporting issue.

Once you are back with all of your salvaged scrap, return your dinghy and head over to get paid for the treasures you found. You can then head back out, or call it a good day on the sea and clock out of the job.

Remember, there are only three kinds of people in this world. Those whom are dead, those who are alive, and those… at sea. Be one with Schrodinger’s cat and join us at the Del Perro Bait & Tackle and uncover treasures below the waves.

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