Yearn to be on the road, enjoying the fresh air from a big rig? What about darting around town making stops helping local businesses keep up the pace with our growing city? If you do, Walker Logistics is the job that you want to take!

Get the job from your nearest job center then find your way down to our dispatch center! Just look for the icon that is always on you GPS.

Once you pull in to our facility, stop by the lockers and get suited up in our provided clothing. It may not look awesome, but it is effective in keeping your clothes clean, and making you stand out as one of us!

Then, head over to our dispatch computer and select your job. Roll through the city, going from place to place in one of our compact Mule box trucks.

Or, settle into one of our big rigs for the long hauls. Sitting in one of our sleek Phantom Custom semi trucks you will not only feel like the king of the road, but you will look it too! Go ahead, pull on that horn like you have wanted to since you were a kid!

Then, hit the road! Our fleet comes programmed with state of the art pre-location GPS systems. Highlighting your route so you can get your load there, on time, every time.

Enjoy the looks that you get from the locals as you go from location to location dropping off loads all over the place. Paired with our state of the art GPS is a drop off location system, that highlights your drops in the Walker Logistics Yellow when you are near.

Once your route is done, bring it back to our dispatch center and get paid. Due to the price of the trucks, we need you to be careful. ALL of our drivers pay for the damages to the truck they have when they collect their pay.

So get off the streets by getting on the road with Walker Logistics today! Our dispatch is ready for you!

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