So, you want to meet new people and drive them around the state. Then you came to the right Job!

Being an Uber driver is the best way to be your own boss and make your money to spend on the wonder City of Los Santos!

You get messages via your phone for pick-ups from people who need rides!

When your ready to do your job head on over the Taxi Depo

Grab your taxi from that yellow circle

So once you’ve found a passenger that is in the back of the car let’s turn on that meter and start charging them and make some money $$$$$

In the Chatbox type /taxi that will bring a menu for you

Now, lets set up you up!

  • Toggle Fare Meter will open the meter for you and the passenger (see pic below)
  • Select your fare type!
  • Then the set rate will open a text box for you to enter your rate (per mile)
  • Close and start driving
The meter that you and the passenger will see

Then once you’ve

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