ZOpen dashboard tablet
F1Opens phone
F2View inventory
F3Emotes Menu
F6Job menu
F7Bills and invoices
F10Show/hide HUD
TEnter command
EPerform action/Stop fishing
Backspace/EscapeCloses menus

Player Interactions

TeamSpeak push-to-talk keyIn-game voice communication
DeleteView nearby players
Shift + ESit  (to stand: stop animation)
GCross arms
XHands up
/giveidGives ID to the nearest player
/rollRoll a pair of dice/Gamble
Shift + HChange voice distance
Shift + LCriminal menu

     Vehicle Controls

FEnter/exit vehicle
KSeatbelt when in vehicle
YOpen trunk (outside vehicle)
YOpens glove box (inside the vehicle)
GLock/unlock owned vehicle
/taxiBring up taxi fare for Uber & Taxi professions
Left and Right Arrow KeysBlinkers
Left and Right Arrow Keys at same timeHazards
Down ArrowWindows

Street Racing Commands

/race recordGo to map then double click to make a route
/race save NAMEwill save the race (replace NAME with anything)
/race load NAMEwill load race that you’ve saved
/race start TIME MONEYwill start the race with Time (count down) and the entry cost

The following commands need to be typed into the chat in this format: “/InsertCommandHere”

Vehicle Commands

/engineTurns engine on/off
/hoodOpens hood
/shuffChange seats
/trunkOpen/Close trunk
/getinGet in the vehicle trunk
/transfervehicle ID “PLATE TEXT”Sell an owned vehicle
/checkRepayWhile seated in the vehicle, this will tell you how much money they owe on the vehicle (if any), and how much time they have to repay it.
/doRepay amountRepays x amount off car loan
/checkReposChecks to see if any cars are marked with repo. (Tow Operators only)

Alcohol Commands

/drinkBecome more drunk
/soberBecome more sober

Help Commands

/reportReport RDM, VDM etc to admin/staff

Chat Commands

/e walkstyle 1-44Change your walk style
/cancelemoteCancel emote/animation
/hat, /glasses, /maskPut on/Take off accessories: Hat, Glasses, and Mask.
/cam , /bmic, /micTake out OR Put away Video Cam/Boom Mic/Microphone (Reporter Job Only)
/mePrints 3D text over the player for additional roleplay communication without mic.
/tweetSends a global tweet
/adDisplays an AD for items on sale
/oocOut of character chat. Only used for limited non-RP instances
/911 report an emergency (EMS & Police are notified)
/311report a non-emergency ( Tow trucks and 911 staff are notified)